Jam Tarts. Uglyburner. Afterfruit. Whatever …


The Social Club always makes *especial* efforts over Xmas, with a lush jungle of decorations – you expect glittering mirror-glass-scaled snakes to slither from the tinsel creepers, strange sloths to crawl down for their weekly shit, exotic birds (Rosie! Rosie!), stealthy natives poised at full draw, ready to get us horrible colonial types with their poison-tipped arrows… Or maybe that’s just the free tarts/pies/chocolates going to my head and inducing weird psychedelic effects. I don’t *think* frog venom arrows are the weapon of choice for Stoughton natives – but you’d have to ask one. Carefully… and watch out for the mesmerising effects of the jumpers….


Double joy this week, with the festive jam PLUS a Saturday gig featuring Afterburner and Uglyfruit, most of whom come regularly to jam at the club. I almost didn’t make it. Another attack of lethargy, introversy, sheer worn out from workness…

Well that will change. In a perfect, wonderful, “having all the cards ready to play and seizing the opportunity when it came in the game” move, I’ve gone part time at work. 2.5 days! Only compromise I gave them was accepting the mandatory corporate chair choice. Seems fair exchange for getting so much of my life back. Berlin/boat/music here I come….

So, a celebratory rock out seemed justified! And these guys certainly provided. Good tunes, hyperactive wireless bassists and remarkably unselfconscious teenagers (and their long-past-any-sense of embarrassment parents) having a good time were incredibly infectious and I chucked myself around the dancefloor to much good effect. At least on my soul.


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