Heiligenabend (or, Xmas Dinner: Round 1)


Xmas eve feast at Arcanoa, with Sarah. This is a really cool bar with a cozy medieval banqueting hall upstairs. I was invited to join in the festivities, and though I didn’t try the Glühwein (I give in, I can’t spell the bloody word…), I merrily tucked into everything else on offer. First of course, I had to get dressed up – which involved borrowing some of Sarah’s gear. She thought the blouse suited me so well that I should keep it! So very kind, and I will.

So, meat, veggies, Rosenkohl (the very logical German word for Brussel Sprouts – Kohl is ‘cabbage’) 2 kinds of doughballs (dumplings for you heathen English), Rotkohl. gravy …. and chocolate pudding. I even managed to follow some of the conversation, including a couple of the long, well-performed jokes. I’m quite familiar with this sort of bunch, and with epic feasting from my days doing Viking/Saxon re-enactment with the Dark Ages Society. My speciality at public shows was genuine Viking Sleeping – always drew a big crowd wanting to know if I was real… People Are Strange…

A conversation about childhood led to an impromptu performance by me of “thank you for the music” by Abba – which was a bit differnt to the full-on rock that people are used to hearing from me! I wasn’t a dancer before I could walk (I was a climber), but I very probably sang before I could talk – and my nephew seems to be taking the same path :-).

There was bagpipe music going on downstairs, but I stuck with conversation, and didn’t make it a late one, wending my way home to Weißensee before midnight, ready to sleep – to and wake to Xmas in Berlin. The very best present imaginable.


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