Comin’ home

2015-04-12 Flight

First day here as my new hometown. Sex ‘n’ Drugs (caffeine!) ‘n’ Rock and Roll. Sunshine. Mexican food. So much happiness. I can’t think what I’ve done to deserve this, but I know now when I’ve got a good thing, and I’m never letting it go. Just like I promised myself.

I’ve come through, quite literally, fire to get here. Found out just what really good friends I have.

My worldly goods, much culled, are all in a warehouse in the UK, waiting for me to arrange transport. Waiting for my apartment here to be ready. What’s not on the boat, that is. (The boat being an entirely separate problem that will have to be solved later). Nothing’s finished and nothing’s quite ready. This seems like life to me. Right now I’m deliriously happy, almost too tired to focus my eyes, having eine Kaffeepause before heading to an initial jam with a band (originals!).

Later, I’ll spend the night with my beloved, the first of very, very many. Tomorrow, Deutscheschule. But I’m home. For the first time in a long time.