They say it’s your birthday

Saturday was my birthday. Picnic breakfast in the park, chasing the patches of sun to find where to lay the blanket, too much fruit and not enough veg. A non-eventful afternoon. Leaving my bag on the tram, with everything in it – passport, cards, keys, phone, all the money I was going to put behind the bar to give my friends free drinks… Luckily I was with Eva, whose quick thinking plan to follow the tram in a taxi, plus her having the money to pay the driver gave us a chance. On the other hand, if I hadn’t been talking to Eva, maybe i would not have left my bag behind in the first place!

We found a taxi quickly, and he was game, speeding us after our goal – but there are 2 sets of tram lines, and 2 train stations – we were heading for the wrong one! I began to think it was all gone, in a city you’d have to be lucky – the longer it was on the tram, the more likely it was to get picked up and looted…

But, if true belief is in our actions rather than our thoughts, then despite those thoughts, I evidently did not *believe* that.

I told the taxi driver to go to the terminus station, which, with the aid of satnav, he did, stopping at the end of a one way street, leaving me to run the remaining distance – the tram was parked waiting. I drew up to the window, to get the driver’s attention – and there in front of her sat my bag!

After asking me for my name, being surprised I spoke German (tourist season, tourist district, British passport), and then asking me for an incredibly detailed description of the contents, I got my bag back (and a stern motherly admonition to be more careful in future). The day (or rather, night) was saved!

Karaoke fun, rock, pop and jazz – shared with my friends (plus a second birthday group of “kids” of about 20 years old), a bit of attempted re-education of unreconstructed old men in the finer points of how to behave with women, many beers and schnapps (and water for me) … and then it was well past dawn, and time to head home.