Sail on


Strange day at the (current) boat today. I was really sleepy all the way there, thought about a nap first, but after a short chat with the commodore who was taking his mast down ready to motor up to the sea, I just went out.

I’d told him about my new boat, so I guess the word will get round.

Top batten snapped putting the main up, got caught just when I was pulling and not looking up! It’s just hardwood and I’ve got to go to the DIY store anyway this week, but mildly annoying. There was not really enough consistent wind to sail – but enough gusts to dislodge my anchor inside an hour. I had one short swim and ate my lunch, but I was not holding well, and when I upped anchor I decided just to motor back (dead upwind and there’s a 1km stretch that you are not allowed to tack in at all). Just as well, and just as well I’d gone to a far closer spot than usual. I was struggling to stay awake most of the way back, like I’d been standing watches on a multi day coastal trip or race.

Got back, made myself drink some water and basically passed out for 3 hours. Took photos of the boat for the for sale advert, not the greatest, because it was SO bright, but at least they are current. Had ice-cream, kebab and sweets on the way back (normally I’m a super healthy eater). I suppose the flukey wind was no worse than usual for the river/lake – I just didn’t have the energy to deal with it today. Oh, and despite not holding, the anchor and chain were full of mud, so I had to chuck some water over the deck -and my legs to clean up. That just seems unfair!!

Guess some days are just like that. I’m OK with it. It’s still 100% better than a day at work!