Full throttle

After a Saturday doing chores, and a Skype call about a website with a fellow Self Publishing School student, I made it to the boat on Sunday. Not so peaceful – there were speedboat races on. The proper professional kind, that sound like racing motorbikes!

The engine cover supports were not yet ready (need another coat of paint). This is my first time using water-based paint for outdoor stuff – really good paint! It’s undercoat and paint in one, just the right consistency for my painting technique, and brush cleanup is a doddle – soap and water! It claims to stick to plastic too, so I’m going to try it in the bilges (if I can find the German version of sugar soap to clean them up). If that works, I’ll think about using it on the decks (where it’s not non-slip).

My mission was to take the 10m of chain to attach as a leader to the anchor warp, in preparation for my overnight anchoring experience. I got the chain there, but the anchor shackle was too big to go through it – so I’ve ordered another. I’ll splice the rope to the chain – easy enough to do and neater.

Other vital mission was to measure the wire part of the main halyard for a replacement. It was destroyed by the welder, who came in the week to weld the crack. I’ll have to ask if I should still drill a hole at the end of the weld… The big bolt that holds the masthead fitting on is missing – I’ll ask about that too! Or just get a new one. I am replacing the Allen screws on the jib fitting as well, so I need to go bolt shopping! Also considering new running rigging for the topping lift (to make it actually run through the sheave and hence be operated from the mast) since I’ll be buying a new halyard rope anyway. Must also lubricate the sheaves! Stop the infernal squeaking.

I also established that the solar panel is dead – shame, it’s a huge Sunware one, and was one of the selling points of the boat for me. I balked at direct replacement, as the price is so high compared to the worth of the boat. I’ve ordered a cheap 40W flexible panel – should do to keep the battery charged up. I can plug the holes for the old one and go for direct deck fitting (must buy more sikaflex-subsitute!) and stop a possible leak source (had a few drops this year, have cured with sealant, but still…). Hmm, planning-wise, I should also paint the hatch cover.

I left the plug end for the nice compact trickle charger at home, so I used the big evil one that came with the boat to take it back up to 13V. Much healthier.

I seem willing to spend a *bit* of money on this boat, but I’m not going top-notch on the gear – it’s not THE boat, so most of it is aimed at workable solutions and being in condition for resale. There’s a chance I’ll do some extended sailing on her, though, so it makes sense to have everything working. The next big expense will be a trailer for the winter and maybe for transport – I’ll have to see.

I managed to get the stowable table mostly assembled, but failed completion due to lack of the right size screws – definitely thought I had more. Oh well, trip to OBI in the week (if I can squeeze it in).

I hope the rigging comes back this week so I can get the rig back up at this weekend or next – I’d like to get back sailing before we all have to come out of the water at the end of October. I wish it wasn’t so, but it does freeze round here, so I have no choice!